Christina Milian is back in full force with new music and a new plan.

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Following the success of her E! reality show Christina Milian Turned Up, the songstress released a new EP and also balances her clothing line “WeArePopCulture” and a selection of adult beverages through Viva Diva Wines.

The multi-talented entrepreneur seems to always have something in store for her fans who’ve been by her side since her Def Jam days. We caught up with Christina to talk music, business, and what we can expect from her in 2016.


What was the musical process like for you on this new EP?

Most of the songs were relative to whatever was going on in my life that day. I usually like having one-on-one sessions with producers.  The melodies always inspire the lyrics and of course I drew from real-time experience. A lot of the time you come up with a big chunk of everything from experience. They’re real, relatable and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and sing about the way I feel while I’m going through love, change, happiness and pain—I learn from all that every day. Real lyrics make great records.

What did you decide to focus on musically this time around?

Being truly honest and not only focusing on making a song for the radio.

Is the EP a prelude to a full length album?

Yes, for sure. There’s more to come. I did this project on my own terms. I look forward to doing the same with a full length. There’s so much more to say and sing. I look forward to taking it all to the next level.

How has the reality show influenced your music and life in general?

There’s been a great reception to the show. People can relate and have really embraced my family, our issues and our fight for each other. CMTU shows the workings of an ever evolving, loving, sexy, single, hard working woman and mother. It’s definitely helped to expose more of the inner workings of my drive to run my businesses and get my music career where I want it to be.

What other projects do you have in the works right now?

I’m filming Rocky Horror Picture Show for FOX (which also stars Laverne Cox and Victoria Justice). It is such a classic. I’m mentally focused on becoming my character “Magenta.” My show Grandfathered is on air on FOX Tuesday nights at 8:30pm ET with John Stamos and that show has been a lot of fun to shoot.

Can you tell me about your #Liar4U campaign with celebrities sharing the worst lie they ever told?

I did it as a way to interact with my fans and draw up a conversation on a matter everyone has dealt with. Nobody’s perfect but lying to me is so unattractive and stupid. I thought shedding light and finding humor in the matter and conversation would draw up great conversation. Lies are what lead me to make “Liar” for my EP.

Are there any affirmations you live by to keep yourself inspired and influenced?

Always be inspired. Any and everything means something. So keep your eyes open. Be good to yourself and everyone else and never stop learning.