Tank‘s first stop of his Sex, Love, and Pain tour began in Dallas on [Monday, March 7] with a sold-out show at the House Of Blues.

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Despite being a gloomy night in Dallas, there was a packed house in the midst of high winds, overcast skies and scattered showers. The outside weather was actually perfect for the concert, considering Tank’s opening visuals were a thunderstorm forming from thick clouds and lighting behind a single microphone stand. While watching the storm form, the words “I’ve been all over the world and the one thing that still remains true is that nothing means more to me than you” were being said in the background as confirmation the show was about to begin.

Tank appeared on the stage of alternating white and purple flashing lights, wearing a white blazer with traces of black detail and white pants giving tuxedo vibes, reflecting the portion of his show where he performs his classics hits. The show opens with “Maybe I Deserve,” which instantly sent the energy in the room in overdrive. Following “Maybe I Deserve” came his hit “One Man” which was followed by “Coldest.”


Allowing the music to speak for itself, Tank turned his back to the stage and allowed “Please Don’t Go” to tap the ears of the audience as he summoned them, “Sing my sh*t,” and in unison everyone sang the lyric, “ohhhh” leading Tank to finish the line, “she found all the numbers I had in my car.”tank2

The performance of the track “It’s Showtime” transitioned this portion of the show from smooth grooves to busting a few moves. Once the beat to the hit “Sex Music” hit, the turn up became very real. As the music for the song fades out, Tanks spoke to the crowd.

“What’s good, Dallas? How ya’ll doing out there? I’m so thankful that in the midst of everyone saying R&B is dead, and love is dead, we have 1,625 people here tonight.”

The brief testimony was the lead in for the hit “Celebration,” and during the performance Tank worked the stage cuttin’ a step, hitting the dab and even spitting a few of Drake‘s bars from his verse.

During the performance of “Emergency” there was a visual of flames surrounding the silhouette of a woman’s body. The first half of the show concluded with the songs, “This Is How I Feel,” “You’re My Star” and “This Makes You Love Me.”

After an intermission filled with classic hits such as Cameo‘s “Candy “and Bell Biv DeVoe‘s “Poison,” Tanks appeared with a more casual outfit: distressed jeans, leather bomber jacket and a single chain. He began with “SLP2 Intro” and segued into “Relationship Goals,” with the crowd more engaged than when he performed his classics, validating how amazing this new album is. Tank has a 16 year career on his hands, and his fans still praise him as if this is his first album. It’s the fact he can transition ballads to songs with a bass line that makes the walls of the venue shake, in the order of “So Cold,” “Better For You,” “Him Her Them” and “I’m Already In Love,” making listeners physically ride the beat over his smooth vocals uttering lyrics reflecting the current struggles in relationships.

“You Don’t Know,” Tank’s spin on Patti Labelle‘s “If Only You Knew,” ushered in the songs with rapper features. The singer’s dancing began there and he jigged into his collaboration with Yo Gotti, “I Love Ya.” His shirt now off, he’s down to a black wife beater and once “She With The Sh*t” featuring Rich Homie Quan began, Tank’s jigging turned into dabbing, hitting the Milly Rock and jumping into the crowd and performing. Completely shirtless, Tank closed the show on a high note performing the Chris Brown, Siya and Sage The Gemini collaboration, “#BDAY.”

The Sex, Love, and Pain tour gives an amazing definition as to why Tank has such longevity as an artist. His connection with the fans can’t be broken. Whether you’re new to the experience or have been riding with him since the beginning, this tour is for the R&B lover in everyone.