Marbury Teases the Future of Starbury 

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Last fall, former two time NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury made some bold claims in regards to his eponymous sneaker brand Starbury. Exclaiming how the $15 kicks were made in the same factories and Jordan and Nike products, Marbury is back making a push for his brand of affordable athletic footwear. This time, the entrepreneur and former NY Knicks power player has freshly unveiled a new Starbury model, bringing to light the competitive benefits of the item. 

Showing off a new light up sneaker via Twitter, Marbury plans to “flood the world with affordable kicks”. Evidently a fan of the metallic shiny low tops, Marbury is confident that his pricing and quality strategy is superior to that of Jordan Brand and Nike. Explore Marbury’s response to critics and supporters on social media below.


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