Someone captured a massive brawl on a recent Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angles, which apparently took place due to some passengers’ dispute over loud music that was being played. The video, which you can watch above, clearly depicts at least four women–one woman was actually on the floor at the beginning of the video–getting physical in the middle of the flight (as if it wasn’t already obvious what was happening, the shooter of the video made sure to caption their Snapchat “fight on the plane hahahahahah”). According to a Spirit Airlines spokesperson, Paul Berry, five women were involved in the fight, and according to NBC News it all started because a couple of women were playing music on their playback device much too loud for some other passengers’ preference.

According to their report, a couple passengers turning the volume on what was apparently a boombox way too loud was the start of the fight. After they didn’t comply with complaining fellow passengers, the rowdy passengers held up their boombox to further annoy onlookers. Shortly after, a fight erupted, and the above brawl ensued.