There have been several professional athletes throughout history that played two sports at the top level. Most notably are Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, both of whom played in the NFL and Major League Baseball. Something that even fewer have done though is compete in the NBA and NFL. Actually, the only person to ever do this is Bud Grant, who played for the Minneapolis Lakers and Philadelphia Eagles in the 1950s.

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Today it is being revealed that Nate Robinson is looking to be the second person to do so, announcing that he will be attempting to play in the NFL for the 2016 season. Football isn’t foreign to him, as Robinson played cornerback in college at the University of Washington. The 5’9” Robinson played during this current NBA season with the New Orleans Pelicans before being released. He has not stepped foot on the court since.

Apparently, a few of his friends such as Jamal Crawford of the Los Angeles Clippers and Marcedes Lewis, tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars, support Nate’s decision to play in the NFL and think he should be given an opportunity. With his height being a factor that may count against him, not to mention being 31-years-old, his effort may be too tall of an order, but only time will tell.