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Nike athletes have come together for the ‘Move Your Generation’ campaign and the start has been amazing. N7 ambassador Lyle Thompson along with lacrosse player Jude Schimmel are two athletes in particular that have made this campaign very special. The N7 spring 2016 collection is revealed and comfortable wear is the motto of the collection that features sweatpants, N7 juvenate sneakers, two tees and more in all which feature work of some kind done by artist Bunky Echo-Hawk who helped design majority of the collection. The collection is fit for men and women and will range from all-sizes starting at XS.

“For my culture, springtime is an awakening,” says Echo-Hawk, explaining the dark turquoise, bright crimson, pale green and light silver color schemes. “The snow is receding, the Earth is waking back up and there is life coming back to the prairie. For us, a color like crimson is a shade of red coming from black, which is the color of wintertime. So there is a definite meaning tied up with all these colors.”

Additional pieces from the collection include the hybrid jacket for both men and women, the N7 block star tight, N7 cuffed pants, the N7 splash tank and N7 star tee along with two pairs of sneakers that feature the motif star. The Nike N7 Spring Collection will be available on March 19 on and at select retailers. Check out the full collection in the gallery below.