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In the latest news on the insanity of the campaign that is Donald Trump’s run for the American presidency, a very disturbing video has surfaced.

The video, shot at a rally held by Trump and his team in North Carolina on Wednesday [March 9, 2016], shows a supporter of Trump punching a Black protester in the face.

The attacker, clad in a cowboy hat, can be seen walking towards the protester (who was leaving with a group) and punched one of the men square in the face.


The victim, Rakeem Jones, and his group were being led out of the rally by police officers, and giving the crowd the bird on the way out. That’s when the white man (who has yet to be identified) came over and assaulted Jones.

Jones says he’s shocked it happened, seeing as the police were right there and did nothing about the attack. “The police jumped on me like I was the one swinging,” he said to The Washington Post.

We wonder when the violence will stop at these Trump rallies, and when the Trump rallies themselves will stop. Check out the video of the attack below.