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Following his upset win against Hillary Clinton in Michigan this past week, Bernie Sanders is going harder than ever before.

As the election nears March 15, where states similar to Michigan, including Florida will be set to vote, Senator Sanders has been traveling across the Sunshine State garnering support that he’ll need to continue to pull of wins in this race.

“We just pulled off a major upset in Michigan the other night, and on Tuesday we have five states coming up, including Florida,” Sanders said in Gainesville at the University of Florida to a crowd of 5,600 on Thursday [March 10, 2016]. “If you guys come out to vote, we are going to pull off another upset.”

Later on in the day, he traveled to Kissimmee to greet an equally charged crowd of over 5,200.


Sanders’s focuses remained on his win in Michigan, shaking up the campaign finance system, and he focused on solar energy, climate change and Florida’s probable role at solving both issues.

“Now, about a week ago, we were 20 or 30 points behind in Michigan, and what all of the pundits said and what all of the media said, ‘Bernie Sanders and the political revolution can’t win in Michigan.’ Guess what? We won in Michigan.”

While he tailored his points to the needs and the demographics of Florida, his anti-establishment values still reigned supreme.

As predicted, this win in Michigan has definitely propelled Sanders into the gaining the momentum he needed to spark voters’ interest and get them going to the polls on his behalf.

Come March 15, we’ll all see whether or not it was enough to get him the handful of wins he’ll need to continue to stand up against Hillary Clinton.