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In an interview recently for The New York TimesSyd Tha Kyd talks about her time in the group Odd Future and her decision to move on, touching on how her being gay resulted in pressure from the gay community to leave.

“The gay community hated me for being part of Odd Future,” Syd says in the interview. “They thought Odd Future was homophobic because they tend to use homophobic slang, and they were like: ‘How can you work for and support homophobes?’ But they aren’t homophobic; they just don’t really care whether you’re offended or not.”

She also went on to detail about how, during her time with the group, she struggled on a personal level with depression and separation from her family and her girlfriend at the time.


“I couldn’t talk to any of [the other Odd Future members] about it,” she continues. “We weren’t all that close, and they never seemed to want to hear it.”

Reflecting on the time when the news became known to others that she wanted to leave Odd Future, she reflects, “They weren’t happy about it. I was their get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s easy to say they aren’t homophobic because Syd is there.”

The interview also details Syd’s successes as part of her ventures following her decision to move on, as part of the group The Internet and also stresses that there is no hard feelings between her and any members of the Odd Future pack.