Update: For those who still find themselves wondering why circumstances have been escalating the way they have at Trump rallies lately, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow does an excellent job of putting it into perspective here, along with footage of the candidate on countless occasions not only condoning, but praising violence at his events.

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Tensions continue to rise in America. Following the cancellation of a campaign rally scheduled to take place at the University of Illinois’ Chicago campus Friday night due to security concerns – which led to protesters chanting Kendrick Lamar‘s “Alright” in celebration of restricting the spewing of hatred – Donald Trump (or Drumpf, rather), somewhat similar to the gentleman who was sucker punched by a Trump supporter earlier in the week, was nearly attacked at his next rally this morning in Dayton, Ohio.


An activist by the name of Tomas DiMassimo – clearly fed up with the hateful rhetoric he’s been hearing from Trump these past several months – hopped over a barrier surrounding the stage as the Republican frontrunner was speaking and nearly came into direct contact with him, before secret service managed to take the potential attacker to the ground and escort him into police custody, where he’s now being charged with two misdemeanors: disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

Whether by coincidence or premeditation on the part of the protester, it appears that Hip Hop – for better or worse – had a slight connection to today’s events as well, because a closer look indicates the man happened to be wearing a Dreamville t-shirt, merchandise sold on behalf of J.Cole‘s imprint under Interscope, which is also home to Bas, Omen, Cozz, Lute and Ari Lennox.

Jermaine himself has yet to comment publicly on Trump’s Presidential candidacy – he does, however, mention him on 2011’s “Song for the Ville” while addressing glass ceilings for African Americans – but Bas recently rebuked him on Twitter, saying, “America, the land of opportunity, where even a racist xenophobic bigot can run for president.”

Oh, and that sucker punch? It took place in Cole’s hometown of Fayeteville, North Carolina.