Everyone seems to know Uncle Luke in some way— whether it’s as the leader of 2 Live Crew or a columnist for the Miami New Times. Uncle Luke was recently named the Defensive Coordinator of the Generals Football team at Miami Jackson High School. The surprise announcement came following the announcement of Bernice (from the television show South Beach Tow) being named head coach of the Generals. Bernice, whose real name is Lakatriona Brunson, is the breakout star of the TV show. Her short temper and incidents with people who are getting their cars towed illegally parked in Miami Beach are legendary. The hires were newsworthy enough to garner loads of media attention from different outlets. Brunson is the first female head coach of a high school football team. The two have spoken about their new jobs and both said they are serious about making an impact on the field, and in the lives of the children on their team. Miami takes their football seriously. Miami University’s legendary football program was profiled in ESPN’s 30 for 30. The city is one of the most highly scouted areas in the country for football recruits. Miami Jackson High School has had players in the past make their way to the NFL, including Elvis Dumervil, Stefan Logan, David Little, and Fred Robinson, just to name a few. The General’s first game of the 2016 should be in late August.

Correction: Uncle Luke was a Defensive Coordinator at Miami Norland, Miami Central, and Miami Northwestern high schools. His qualifications for coaching football were questioned in 2012 until a Florida court ruled that he was qualified enough to continue coaching. Luke operates a youth football program in the Miami area that is still active today.