Amber Rose is continuing to build her entrepreneurial empire by teaming up with Zoobe to create a new app.

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The new voice messaging app, which features Muva as a lead 3D character, was unveiled at the SXSW red carpet takeover event of the tech market in Austin, Texas. The event gave attendees the exclusive opportunity to experience the new social and interactive experience through real-time community engagement. 


“If you’re a Rosebud, and you’re a fan of mine, then [my new character] is really cool because you’re able to say whatever you want and it comes out of my mouth,” Rose said to the crowd. “It looks so realistic. I’m just excited to see what my fans are going to say and the cool videos they’re going to put out.”

Norbert Richard Meinike, Chief Marketing Officer at Zoobe, joined Amber to introduce her 3D character that users can customize with their own voice to create a personalized “MUVA” alter ego and use in their social media and messaging.


Although Rose isn’t the first celebrity to have her own app, she’s one of the first celebrities ever to give her fans the opportunity to use her physical appearance and personality to express themselves and communicate as their own version of “Muva” in social media and chat apps.

According to Meinike, Amber’s “red carpet” character unveiled at the exclusive event is just the beginning, with new animations set in different themes coming soon.