Man, Chuck responded quicker than most rappers.

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Yesterday, Kanye West attended the daytime Clippers vs Cavaliers match-up at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and he made the most intriguing of observations. Not that LeBron James is still LeBron James, despite Stephen Curry. Not that the Clippers really play terrible perimeter defense. Not that regardless of Chris Paul‘s flagrant flopping ability, Doc Rivers always thinks he’s in the right. No, none of that. Yeezy’s primary takeaway from yesterday’s game was that the Clippers mascot, Chuck the Condor, is in serious need of redesigning.

So, naturally, Kanye did what Kanye does when he deducts something about the world, and tweeted about it. The results were rather favorable, as Clippers owner Steve Ballmer offered to do lunch, or a Clippers game–cheap date–to discuss the possibility of a new Chuck.


Chuck himself however, wasn’t as flattered by Yeezy’s offer. The mascot took to his official (but somehow unverified) Twitter account to flip a lyric from Ye’s The Life of Pablo album to his own shady benefit.