Broncos DT Derek Wolfe Allegedly Told Tom Brady He Would “Eat” Brady’s Kids

T.J. Ward on Highly QuestionableT.J. Ward told us Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe told Tom Brady “I’ll eat your children”

Posted by Highly Questionable on Monday, March 14, 2016

We hear about classic NBA trash talk all the time, especially from guys like Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett. But let’s not sleep on the National Football League. Those guys are quite talented in that department.

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Earlier this year, we saw the Denver Broncos handily dismantle that infallible Tom BradyBill Belichick playoff reputation with a tight 20-18 victory, due primarily to a blistering effort from the Broncos defensive “front four,” which is where one might find Derek Wolfe on any given Sunday.

On that particular Sunday, Wolfe and his line mates made it their business to make life miserable for Tom Brady and his offensive line, and they succeeded with unprecedented ease. So much so in fact, that according to Wolfe’s teammate T.J. Ward,  a fired up Wolfe told Tom Brady that he was going to eat Brady’s kids.


Watch Ward’s full chat with ESPN’s Highly Questionable crew above.