Donald Trump is an unfathomable enigma that has left the rest of the world scratching their heads as to exactly who and what this man wants. One of the richest, and ultimately one of the most powerful, businessmen in the world, his rise to the top of American politics has coincided with a time when society, especially American society, is at a vulnerable and fearful stage with the emergence of terrifying forces and groups that threaten the way Americans live their lives.

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In the new series of House Of Cards, a quote that President Underwood mutters seems to completely summarize American politics in a nutshell: “Do you know the main thing that separates a politician from the rest of the species? A politician is the one who would drown a litter of kittens for 10 minutes of prime time.”

Labeling Trump a kitten killer would be naïve (he probably has hundreds of kittens running around Trump Tower being cute and lovable) however the point of the quote is Mr. Trump has stamped and verbally assaulted a vast number of people in his openly slandering views from Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans, women and even the disabled. All of this has been widely reported in the media (which can only give him satisfaction), however behind closed doors, who knows how many more minorities he has crushed and plans to chip away at.


To call Donald Trump a scaremonger is an understatement. With the New Yorker’s spreading of hateful and ultimately fascist repertoire, millions of Americans have bought into the tycoon’s sense of machismo and old-fashioned American honesty, jumping on the Trump bandwagon of right wing agendas and racial stereotyping. All of this is rather hypocritical, seeing as Trump is a second-generation immigrant anyway, hailing from Scottish and German roots respectively.

It’s pretty safe to assume Trump has all but won the Republican election, which means he would go neck and neck with likely Hillary Clinton in the race for the most recognizable and important jobs in the world. If Trump was to become president, all that inciting of racial and xenophobic hatred would not be ignored from America’s closest allies across the pond in Europe, especially in the UK. Mistaking patriotism for bigotry is an act that doesn’t get forgotten all too easily as most of the fascist leaders in history will tell you.

Since the sprouting of his Nazi-like views to bar all Muslims from entering the US, a UK petition was set up to bar Donald Trump from entering the UK, which has since got over 500,000 signatures and has been debated (albeit jokingly dismissive) in UK Parliament.

Huge figures such as Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, have publicly spoke of their unease at Trump holding power and has even invited Trump over to London to assist him in seeing large scale ethnic-minority areas are not hotbeds for crime and terrorism (Trump hasn’t responded). The rest of Europe has a similar view on Trump, with Angela Merkel and François Hollande completely distancing themselves from his woefully malicious views.

Even David Cameron has publicly come out in voicing his disapproval of Trump’s policies, calling the billionaire “divisive, stupid and wrong.”

What is most worrying, however, is Europe and the US have held a resolute and brotherly relationship for a number of decades now with a vast majority of trade occurring between the two. If Trump were to get into the White House, these strong bonds could become incredibly strenuous.

That would fundamentally make both Europe and US extremely more vulnerable, resulting in more widespread chaos and terror and with Trump’s vicious, trigger-happy tendencies towards basically non-whites, this could get incredibly ugly very quickly and could result in something we never even imagined.

No one can write the future; however in the entire history of American politics, the party that has thrown the most money at their campaign has gone on to win the election.

It wouldn’t take a genius to see Trump has all the aces (or dollar bills) up his sleeve to play with. Whether he chooses to play them at the right time is for anyone to guess.

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