It was going to take a Herculean effort from Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio on this #SuperTuesday for the Florida senator to remain relevant in the race for the Republican nomination, and that didn’t come this evening, especially where it mattered most. At the very least, Rubio was going to have to take his home state of Florida, where he’s been a state senator since 2011. However, Donald Trump won big, taking home 46% of the vote and all 99 of the delegates that came with it.

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For much of the campaign, even in its early stages, Rubio played second fiddle to the Ben CarsonTed Cruz-Donald Trump carousel at the top of the Republican poll, but kept a firm foothold in the race thanks to those supportive of his Cuban-American heritage and his disdain for recent Republican leadership. However, Rubio failed to capture early necessary victories in both primaries and caucuses prior to tonight, making the suspension of his campaign all but inevitable.

Rubio makes the second prominent Republican candidate to end their bid this month. Ben Carson, who had a real shot at the nomination less than a year ago, pulled out an opted to endorse Donald Trump less than a fortnight ago. Rubio reminded his disappointed supporters tonight during a brief concession speech that he “respects” the voters decision–in reference to his loss in Florida–and promised that it wouldn’t be the last time they see him on a stage of that magnitude.