Rising singer Bebe Rexha reunites with Nicki Minaj for a new buzz cut titled “No Broken Hearts.”

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The singer recently topped Billboard’s Hot Rap songs chart collaborating with G-Eazy for their “Me, Myself & I” single. Bebe and Nicki have not collaborated since “Hey Mama,” but this new single is a banging follow-up for the club scene. The song’s message is about removing all sadness and broken hearts while ordering more drinks in the club and enjoying the moment.

Nicki delivers very well, and the two sounds combined create a modern electric Hip Hop and pop record. The song has great production and a fun, energetic feel with a catchy hook for fans to sing along.


“No broken hearts in the club/no tears in the club/cuz we gone get it poppin tonight/No broken hearts in the club/more drinks pour it up/cuz we gone get it poppin tonight.”