TMZ Cameraman Bets Roc Nation Sports Client Todd Gurley He Can’t Name 3 Jay Z Albums

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NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl running back Todd Gurley is just 21 years old, so a TMZ cameraman thought he might not be as well-versed on his boss Jay Z‘s discography as most. He was wrong and it cost him $100.

The pap caught up with Todd Gurley as he was checking into LAX recently, and initially approached him to get more information on NFL legend Eric Dickerson’s role in his career (Dickerson is apparently mentoring the Rams star). The conversation quickly moved to Jay Z however, and Gurley was able to quickly win the bet, rattling off Reasonable Doubt (impressive), The Black Album (obviously), and Magna Carta Holy Grail (hey, he’s 21) as the three Jay Z albums the pesky photographer requested. Good on Gurley for his answers, Jay Z recently went through the trouble of popping up in the Rams locker room to offer his Pro Bowl client some support, the least Gurley could do is browse his Wikipedia page every once in a while.


If you’re wondering why Jay Z and TMZ are so obsessed with Gurley, who isn’t a household name just yet, here’s why. The former University of Georgia standout tore up the league this year, rushing for 1,106 yards in 229 carries and 10 touchdowns, becoming just the second Rams rookie to ever rush for 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns, and the Rams have had no shortage of star running backs. You may have heard of a guy named Marshall Faulk, or Stephen Jackson, or the aforementioned Dickerson. He was also named to the league’s Second-team All Pro unit, a considerable honor for a rookie.

As for the pap that lost the bet, the TMZ report of his encounter confirmed that a $100 donation will be made to a charity of Gurley’s choice…a nice gesture.