Gearing up for her Formation Tour, Beyoncé decided not to go the traditional route when showcasing her new merchandise. To illicit conversation on “who will model and what will they look like,” Bey hired Jillian Mercardo, a model with muscular dystrophy. Mercardo is a fairly new face to the modeling scene, and she does her job well. Donning t-shirts with Beyoncé euphemisms, Mercardo stuns with Queen Bey’s blessing.

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Mercardo, who uses a wheelchair, says modeling was not initially on her radar. In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Mercardo said, “Growing up I didn’t think of modeling as being a possibility, and I was a little scared about throwing myself into it. When I was younger, I didn’t see anyone out there like me doing this very thing.” For someone who never dreamed of modeling, Mercardo has an impressive resume. The New Yorker has already modeled for Diesel Jeans, Nordstrom’s and many others.

Beyoncé is set to kick off her tour on April 29 in Miami. The 40-date extravaganza starts in the Sunshine State and ends in Germany late July. While some lucky fans can still get their hands on tickets in certain cities, others can only hope for an exclusive TIDAL live stream. However, you don’t have to be at the show to get its official merchandise. With phrases like “Smack It, Smack It” and “Slay” the official Beyoncé t-shirt line is everything a member of the Beyhive can hope for.


Mercardo is the official face of the line, proving Beyoncé’s letting it be known that slaying is not specific to a certain shape, size, color or ability. By continuing to be an example for diverse models, Mercardo has joined #TeamYonce before she sets out for her most controversial tour yet. Want a piece of the action? Interested buyers can get their hands on the merchandise today at


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