Crystal Chery, also known as Boston Chery, is a DJ and producer rising in the mix of culture and entertainment in New York and places abroad. She’s active with a record label and collective In Good Company, in which she contributes to their new culture of music.

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Chery is originally from Canton, MA, but currently resides in Brooklyn staying active in the city working at the popular venues. She has a consistent platform of professional gigs and urban music showcases, along with fashion shows and concerts out of state and abroad.

For the future, this young lady has an array of events and projects. She’s traveling next to Atlanta, where she will be DJing for artists like Melo X, India Shawn, Teedra Moses and more. By the fall, she’ll be touring and spinning at some of the hottest events in Europe. Also, stay on the lookout for her remixes on her Soundcloud following an EP. In the meantime, she’s expecting to curate more local artist showcases that she’ll DJ for this spring. Keep up with her work and events @Bostonchery.


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What exactly inspired you to begin your profession and when did you officially start?

I was always a music lover. I come from a family that loves music. My mother and grandmother would collect crates of vinyl, cassettes and CDs of all genres of music. I got into music at seven years old when I was writing from music, at 13 I was rapping, at 16 I started producing and I got into DJing at 18 years old. I started DJing when I got my laptop; I would take it everywhere with me. I’m talking about McDonalds, the beach, the park, and I would always blast music until friends and strangers told me I was playing the tunes. My friend who I’ve known since I was five years old’s mother told me I should take this serious and start DJing. She said I could be onto something and I was, she was right.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far and why?

The biggest highlight of my year was going to Art Basel in Miami and also DJing for the Mural Festival Osheaga block party in Montreal. I never thought music would give me my first plane ride and my first trip out of the country. It was a beautiful experience, Florida is beautiful and they showed me mad love. What was cool is I was DJng one venue with Erykah Badu in 2014, she was DJing for BET and I was DJing for Secret Walls, an international art collective from UK. It was amazing in Montreal, DJing with some producers and artists whose music I usually play: Kaytranada, GoldLink, STWO and more. I was introduced to a new culture, good vibes, different music, good food and I was able to put my Creole and French to use.

How has your life changed since you began your journey and what are you expecting next?

My life has changed on a level where it feels like I’m living a dream I’ve been dreaming since I was a little girl. From traveling to meeting amazing talented people, people who get you to bring your best foot forward in all you do. My life started changing when I started to push and believe in myself, things became more positive that even in trials there’s always an amazing person to bless me with the right words to go harder.

What characteristics do you believe are important to have in order to be successful and why?

The number one characteristic I believe in is being genuine. Be genuine in all you do in all you create, people can feel that strongly. Determination , Showing love, and not giving up. You gotta keep going, when you are determined and genuine; it might inspire someone else to keep going, be an inspiration.

What advice could you offer to those pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?

I would tell the younger generation keep going, keep growing, keep learning, keep creating and most importantly, be you. People will always try to compare you and tell you what you aren’t, you are you, allow that to grow, don’t give up on you, you got this man.

How did you feel you contribute to the innovation of art, and what message are you trying to perceive from your influence?

I feel I contribute by putting amazing talent together, putting on a good show, creating good mixes and sounds that create a vibe between nostalgia and just wanting to be free and down for the “turn up.” I want to influence everyone to be themselves, love what they do, and always give back.