California rapper Planet Asia preps for a new album, Seventy Nine, with the single “International.” The sample driven track, produced by Long Island producer DJ Concept, serves up a salad of melodic and chiming piano samples. Also featuring the soul style of Brownsville’s Marvelous Mag who sings the hook, the song is timeless boom-bap.

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“I took a lot of time after we completed the joints to piece the story together and make the album one cohesive piece,” Concept explains. Noting how crucial it was for them to record together, Planet Asia echoes those words, noting it took “a collective effort to make this great painting of sound.”

Planet Asia also points out 79 is the scientific number for gold (which has played an integral part of his brand over the years) and that Concept’s soulful style fit that mantra perfectly.


The album also features Blu and the late Sean Price.