POV to Launch New Documentary Series, ‘The Return’ on PBS

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On May 23, POV (Point Of View), the longest-running documentary series in the country, will debut a new series, The Return, on PBS, taking a detailed look into how lawmakers, families and societies are affected by the changing of the infamous “three strike” rule in California.

The rule, which was amended in 2012 after a long run as being one of the most excessively harsh rules in the country, calls for harsher punishments on the third offense by someone previously convicted of two serious offenses. For example, if you’d committed two serious offenses and served your debt to society, the theft of a slice of pizza could land you serious time. No, really.


Above you can watch a trailer for the documentary, which explores how men and women that have been liberated due to the state’s amendment of the rule re-adapt to society, and find their way again as a citizen.