Roy Hibbert Jabs Teammate Lou Williams in the Face…Accidentally

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We get the feeling Kobe Bryant is excited about not being on this team anymore after this season.

The Lakers have had some bright spots this year–they beat the Golden State Warriors in possibly the biggest regular season upset in NBA history–but they’ve still had a terrible season, and are in line for yet another top 5 pick in this summer’s NBA Draft. Considering their bleak playoff outlook, it looks like they’ve resorted to sparring in practice instead of actually practicing, resulting in Roy Hibbert and Lou Williams squaring off in a playful boxing match.


It’s Roy Hibbert, so you know it didn’t end well. Hibbert accidentally connected with Williams’ face, leading young Lakers star D’Angelo Russell to giggle and bounce away like a Kindergarten student that just witnessed a classmate steal a pen from the teacher’s desk. Hibbert tried to apologize but, thanks to some nearby cameras, the damage was already done. Hello, viral.