Well, the gun Rih was toting in Florida was decidedly more real than the one above.

By way of the Daily Mail, the internet has been blessed with some fascinating photos of the illustrious Rihanna shooting a music video in Miami while she was down in Florida performing at stops on her ANTI world tour. In the images, Rihanna dons nothing but underwear and a sheer robe as she and her piece go about their business for her cameras (and, of course, paparazzi).

There isn’t any information on what song Rih’s shooting this video for, other than the fact that it will be the second single off her latest album, ANTI. So far, we’ve only gotten a video for one song, the #1 song in the country right now, “Work.”


Check out a couple photos of the shoot below, and see the full set over at DM.

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