TMZ reports Ashanti’s stalker, Devar Hurd, will indeed be facing more jail time for his excessive harassment. The two faced each other in court on Wednesday [March 16] where Hurd read aloud some of the explicit messages he sent to the singer over Twitter and text.

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Hurd attempted to defend himself in the courtroom, but he did not attempt to deny his actions. He instead argued what he did was not wrong. Hurd claimed sending sexual content is not a criminal act and that tweeting, even relentlessly, should not be considered stalking.

Hurd has suggested before Ashanti should have blocked him if she was feeling uncomfortable, and that by not doing so, she was implying that she didn’t mind.


Hurd was already found guilty of stalking Ashanti and has been in jail since 2013, so this new charge doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He will be facing anywhere from one and a half to four years of extra jail time after his upcoming sentencing.