Currently on her Rebel Heart tour, Madonna was performing at the AU Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia Thursday night (March 17) and picked out Josephine Georgiou out of the crowd to come onto the stage as she told the audience, “She’s the kind of girl you just want to slap…on the a**.” Madonna followed that up by pulling down Georgiou’s top and exposing her left breast in front of the packed house. As the 17-year-old aspiring model quickly pulled up her top, the 57-year-old singer singer apologized, “Oh s***. I’m so sorry, sexual harassment. You can do the same to me.

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Though the incident has gained the attention of many publications around the globe, Georgiou says she will not be taking any legal action against The Material Girl, telling the Australian Courier-Mail, “Seriously, why would I sue Madonna for the best moment of my life?

Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not. Why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body? It was the best night. She was calling me a Victoria’s Secret model the whole time I was on stage, which is so flattering.

It’s hilarious to me how much of a big deal it is to everyone. People just need to understand I was on stage in front of Madonna, I was looking her in the eyes and most people would just melt into a pool on stage, so it was only because I was standing in front of her that I looked so surprised.

Madonna, who is no stranger to controversy, has reportedly been arriving to several of her shows either late or under the influence of alcohol. TV journalist Piers Morgan went as far as to tweet, “Madonna is in total meltdown. She needs to cancel this tour ASAP.