Gary Payton’s Son is Doing Crazy Things at the NCAA Tournament

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All the familial basketball buzz has centered around LeBron James and his two sons tearing up their respective youth leagues, but former NBA Champion Gary Payton‘s son, Gary Payton II, is doing it big on an even bigger stage: the Division 1 NCAA tournament, fondly known as March Madness.

Right now–like, right right now–Gary Payton II’s 7th-ranked Oregon State Beavers are engaged in a serious battle with 10th-ranked VCU in their first-round match-up, and Payton II just showed off his athleticism during a Beaver fast-break that involved somewhat of a botched alley-oop play.


Watch Payton II catch the awkward pass, double-clutch it, and throw it down during the heated second-half.

(Daddy could never jump like that, but he’s got a ring. Seniority, son.)