Following the undeniable success of Ice Age, The Meltdown, in which Latifah voiced a primary character, the charismatic face of CoverGirl had by 2007 fully transcended from rapper to mogul. Acknowledge as an icon of the acting realm with a star on the hollywood walk of fame in 2006, Latifah’s image further professionalized a now crooner. Shifting from hip hop wordsmith to full on jazz and R&B songstress and singer, Latifahs wardrobe has continuously matured as it should with age.  On July 11, 2007 at the Hollywood Bowl In a glammed out, firm shouldered black blazer the artist was backed by a veritable orchestra that emitted an elegant noise reminiscent of Latifah’s evolved character: often glam centric but always professional. Queen Latifah’s style persona preceding her star on the walk of fame recalls her character in Living Single: individualized and proper. 

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