You may recognize the amazing voices of Halle and Chloe Bailey from their YouTube channel. The sisters have been singing their hearts out for the world since they came onto the music scene. Yesterday [Friday, March 18] the duo released a cover for Yo Gotti‘s radio hit, “Down In The DM” with a rock twist. Adding a guitar and a MP6, the Bailey sisters delivered a fun and flawless vocals. With over half a million followers on YouTube, and the attention of some of music’s heavy hitters the sisters are here to slay.

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While most teens their age are learning how to drive, Chloe and Halle are solidifying their music careers. In 2014 they signed to Beyoncé’s record label Parkwood Entertainment. The management company, founded independently by Queen Bey, started in 2008 and has since vetted three musicians to its roster. The Bailey sisters, who live in Northern California, make up two of those lucky signees. With a co-sign of a lifetime and genuine fans, the girls have turned their YouTube covers into a multiyear contract with the “Formation” singer.

So what do the two singers do when they aren’t breaking the internet? If you guessed wowing audiences live, you’re right. Both Chloe and Halle performed for the First Lady this week at SXSW. The song, which is a part of Michelle Obama‘s 62 Million Girls initiative, was written by Dianne Warren and included Zendaya, Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae and Kelly Clarkson. Rightfully titled “This Is For My Girls,” the song brings awareness to the need of education equality on a global spectrum.


It seems as if there isn’t anything standing in the way of what destiny has set out for Chloe and Halle. The sisters have proven they can take anything, add their unique style and energy, and make it their own. As a result, the “Down In The DM” cover does not disappoint. With the simple yet powerful phrase “individually we are one drop, together we’re an ocean” on their social media sites, we are excited for what the duo have up their sleeves for the future.

For more from Chloe and Halle, check out their official “Down In The DM” cover below.