It looks like Tupac Shakur‘s mom is getting divorced, and with no prenup, it’s going be a sticky situation.

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After a twelve-year marriage to Gust Davis and a year of separation, the late rapper’s mother has filed for divorce. In North Carolina, Afeni Shakur’s state of filing, property is divided on a case by case basis, and there’s no telling yet what will come of the split.

With the financial rewards accompanying Tupac’s incredible legacy, it’s no surprise Davis is trying to keep his hands on a bit of the prize. Davis is hoping for keys to the family’s houseboats and for permission to stay on their North Carolina ranch.


Davis, on top of the physical requests, is also seeking alimony from Afeni, in the form of ten thousand dollars a month for the remainder of his life. Afeni has reportedly asked the judge to dismiss the request.

As of now, Ms. Shakur is living on a houseboat in Sausalito, CA while she awaits the proceedings.

Photo Credit: Getty Images