Late Thursday night [March 17], The Documentary 2 rapper, The Game, took to Instagram to share his drunken musings after trying 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka for the first time. Despite the two having bad blood for the past 10 years, The Game put all that behind him to ponder on how close he was with 50 Cent were at one point saying, “Me and this n*gga use to be as tight as @Kehlani’s p*ssy [& no I haven’t f%$?!$ I’m just guessing it’s tight.]” Unfortunately for The Game, the Oakland songstress didn’t feel very flattered by his words and said made it clear in her own IG response.

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When Kehlani got wind of The Game’s colorful references about her vagina, the 20-year-old songbird laid into him by posting a picture of Rihanna in response, admonishing him for speaking about her when they had never even met.


The Game must have gotten the hint because shortly after, he deleted the post, but not before it was shared by countless people.