While filming a recent episode of his VICELAND series, F*ck That’s Delicious, Action Bronson took a trip to X-Tracted Labs in Seattle, where the Flushing, New York rapper got to assist in creating his own custom-flavored batch of cannabis concentrate, commonly know as “dabs.”

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Action and his entourage met with the team at X-Tracted Labs, who walked them through the tedious process of creating dabs. The extraction process is capable of isolating terpenes, which are the natural oils that give different cannabis strains their distinctive smells and flavors.

Bronson took his pick of several terpenes to create Bronson’s own blend of dabs and the result leaves Bronson’s pal Big Body Bes pretty much speechless. After Bronson asked him several times, “What’s the first thing you’re thinking?” after taking a hit, Big Body Bes manages to utter out one word. Find out what that word is below.