Ben Affleck Says Young Metro Should “Reach Out” and Trust Batman

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This weekend, the highly-anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie will be released, and the world will finally get to see Ben Affleck as Batman, one of the more talked about and controversial superhero roles in recent years.

During a recent press run, Affleck sat down with BlogXilla of Global Grind, who chatted up the Gone Girl actor about one of the more pressing questions facing folks in Hip Hop today: Does Young Metro trust you?


The hilarious question comes from young producer Metro Boomin‘s latest producer tag, taken from a Future-featured Uncle Murda song, and made popular by Drake and Future’s WATTBA hit, “Jumpman.” The lyric goes, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you,” and the Atlanta producer’s cult fan base took that an ran with it. To put it quite frankly, if Young Metro doesn’t trust you, you’re in trouble.

Affleck doesn’t want to be in trouble, and he made his case as to why Metro should place his trust in Batman as opposed to Superman, claiming Batman is the more humble of the two world-savers, and is a man of the people and the streets. Watch his full answer to the pivotal question above.

You gotta love Hip Hop’s reach. Batman vs Superman is in theaters Friday.