Saturday [March 19] was the last time Austin Music Hall’s doors would open for shows. The building has housed many great performances, including Nas and DJ Khaled the previous night, ending with a bang courtesy of DJ Low Down Loretta Brown a.k.a. Erykah Badu.

D.R.A.M was an opening performer and Kehlani‘s phenomenal performance of hits from her album You Should Be Here had the crowd ready for the selective styles of Ms. Badu. keh

Badu was very vocal about how humbling and sentimental the experience was to be the last person to grace the stage of Austin Music Hall. She began her set saying, “I’m just here to play s*it I like, is that alright?”

Her set kept everyone on their feet and included classics as she switched up the mood from R&B to Hip Hop, with an endless supply of positive energy flowing through the building recognized when she requested everyone lift their hands into the air. “This is a spiritual energy. I feel it.”

In the midst of working the turntables, Badu would occasionally stop and remind partygoers this was the “last time” anything would happen in that building. “This is the last time you’re gonna be able to drink lean in here,” she joked to the crowd.

With her set being cut short, Badu ended with one final quip: “This the last time anybody is going to cut me off in this building.” She then came from behind the turntables to grab the microphone and sing a closing performance of the classic “Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop).”