Kelly Rowland had a sit-down interview at SXSW with BET’s Stephen G. Hill where she talked Destiny’s Child and wanting more dark-skinned role models for young girls, especially through her upcoming show, Chasing Destiny.

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“It’s just a trip to me. One of the things I looked for [in the new girl group] first was chocolate girls because I feel it’s so necessary for my niece, my unborn kid, she has to see more chocolate women.” That was a response Rowland had to an audience member who was recalling her sister getting rejected by a crush who told her,”You’d be prettier if you were lighter.”


In addition to addressing the need for more darker tones represented in popular culture, she also feels a  girl group will fulfill the music industry’s lack of seeing women coming together to create versus the era of solo artists, which is one of the reasons she is for her upcoming 10-episode series.

“It’s what we’re used to right now. And like I said, there’s nothing wrong with it. But I think it’s time for another generation to see women coming together. I think it’s time for another generation to see camaraderie. I think it’s time for another generation to hear voices together. To hear the power of it, how exciting it is. How it’s a force on stage. That is something that is missed. Hell, I miss it.”

BET will premiere Chasing Destiny on April 5.