If there is one man to watch your jewelry around, it’s Sean Kingston. With a history of some bizarre situations involving the bling, it’s surprising jewelers are still entertaining him these days.

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Sean reportedly picked up a Rolex and diamond bracelet from Haimov Jewelers in Florida, and traded in an old Rolex for a later version. The balance came to $25K and Sean signed the receipt, agreeing to pay the next day, but never did. Now the jeweler’s suing him for the owed money.

Paying for things may not be a fun concept, but it’s also not an exceptionally difficult one. Mr. Kingston, however, has some trouble understanding. According to Avi Da Jeweler, Sean took $226K worth of jewelry from him from 2008-2013, without ever paying for it. Kingston claimed he did in fact pay, but it doesn’t look like it based on the default judgement, which left the singer forking up $356K. 


Sean even once told of a crazy jewelry-related kidnapping when he was caught in other financial trouble.
It might be best if Sean just sticks to the music.