During the grand opening of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo pop-up shop in New York City this past weekend [March 18-20], local street kids and internet sensations Austin Butts and Jonah Levine, took it upon themselves to create a bootleg version of the merch line.

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Even though they’re just teenagers, both are prevalent on the fashion scene and have impressive followings for their emerging brands: Asspizza & Gomina. The twist to the story is Austin has worked with Kanye’s team in the past, including key individuals like Virgil and Heron.

It was in the Soho Arts Club directly across the street from the event where Austin and Jonah created the bootleg pieces. They simply printed “PABLO” on random clothing items like jeans, tops and suit blazers.


After they produced a large enough quantity, they took to social-media and the crowded street of shoppers to sell the bootleg merch.

Eventually, Kanye’s team found out about it and accepted shirts from Austin and Jonah. Virgil and Heron found humor in it and sold the bootleg pieces in the actual pop up shop.