Last week, Former NBA player Nate Robinson signed a contract with Israeli basketball club Hapoel Tel Aviv and was swarmed by fans at the airport. Earlier this week, he played in his first game for the team, dominating the game with a 25 point performance. Afterward, Robinson was doing an interview with an Israeli television station when it was rudely interrupted midway by a shirtless man riding a bike, challenging him to a game of 1-on-1.

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Robinson was a good sport about it, even when the man told him that he would “kick his a**.” The baller responded to the camera by saying:

That’s an interview! That’s awesome. That’s the first time ever someone has done that. It’s sick. So cool. The fans are great. How could someone be mad at that?

The man carried on, even boasting about his division II basketball accomplishments. At that point Robinson made it clear to the camera, “I’ll bust his a**.


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