Londoners are in for a treat this summer as both Adele and Rihanna will be in the city. The singers, who are both fond of each other, will be headlining shows that will be in a close proximity of each other. Unfortunately for Adele, she won’t be going to the ANTI Tour, because she is scared she may end up high.

Admitting to her audience during her performance at London’s 02 Arena that she will not be popping over to Rihanna’s show, due to fears damaging her vocals cords and getting ‘stoned’.

She said: ‘I love her. I’m thinking of going to Coventry to watch Rihanna because she’s playing Wembley the day before I play Glastonbury, and if I go to that, I’ll have no voice, I know it. All that weed in the air – I’ll get stoned.

The singer, who has various different conversations between her songs, told the crowd, “I love her, honestly, all of that new album I love. I gotta try and see her.”

Between June 24-26 both singers will be headlining sold out shows. Rihanna will take on London’s Wembley stadium and Adele will be headlining Glastonbury, which she announced over the weekend.