ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has had his share of soundbites that have gotten him into a bit of hot water throughout his career. Needless to say, he has no problem speaking his mind and remains as unfiltered as ever. Last week, Smith made an appearance on Sirius XM’s Karen Hunter Show and gave an explanation as to why he and former NBA player Glenn Robinson don’t get along.

I saw this man march lock step with what (former Bucks Coach) George Karl wanted to do … but Randy Ayers becomes the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers … you treated this man like trash, but you’ll come and talk to reporters about how brothers need to facilitate brothers being hired, but you had one and how’d you treat him?

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TMZ reached out to Robinson for a rebuttal and he took things up another notch, not only giving his version of events, but going as far as to challenge Smith to a sanctioned fight in the cage. Watch the video below.


Remember that time Stephen A. told Kevin Durant “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me.” Yikes!