LeBron James Shuts Down After Being Asked About Unfollowing the Cavs on Twitter

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Yesterday, everyone started freaking out when it appeared that LeBron James had unfollowed the Cavaliers on social media. How much of a cause was it for alarm? With James signed through the end of the 2016-2017 season, head coach Tyronn Lue in a multi-year deal and the Cavs in first place in the Eastern Conference, it would have been safe to say that James’ bewildering social media maneuvers isn’t much of a red flag. At least until this interview surfaced.

Sure, one could argue that there’s still no awkwardness in the relationship between LeBron and his team despite the above clip, but he made no effort to dispel that notion after being asked about unfollowing the Cavs on Twitter. He stared off into the distance, urged reporters to move on to the next question, and then immediately shut down the entire session after being asked the next question, which was purely a basketball question and had nothing to do with Twitter, Instagram or the like.


It’s hard to imagine a team in first-place in March would have this many questions surrounding their newly-signed star player, but with rumors circulating of rampant fundamental disagreements between LeBron and Kyrie Irving, this only adds fuel to the fire. In addition, the Toronto Raptors are just 1.5 games away from lassoing that top spot from the Cavs, and they took a pretty serious loss against Miami on the road this weekend. This team might just be feeling the pressure.