Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport experienced some chaos on Wednesday after a suspicious package was brought in. According to USA Today, travelers had raced for the exits when the authorities called for an evacuation of a domestic terminal.

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A trained dog was brought in to detect any explosives and was drawn to the package. The evacuation was brief and airport officials had tweeted out about the incident minutes later.

“The incident has been cleared and people are returning to the atrium,” airport officials tweeted.


Atlanta police also responded to the incident, tweeting, “There is no active shooter at the airport. A suspicious package has been cleared. ALL is OK!”

According to reports, flight operations returned to normal.

This incident comes on the heels of the Brussels Airport attack that took place on Tuesday, which left 11 dead and many more injured. Authorities in Belgium explained that both the airport blast and one blast at a metro stop in the city that killed an additional 20 people were terrorist attacks. The Islamic State took responsibility.

Atlanta had been one of the many cities across the nation to have tightened security in airports, transportation hubs and other locations following the attack.

Denver was another city that faced a false alarm, but this one took place on Tuesday and it had been very similar to Atlanta’s scare, according to reports. The package left in the Denver International Airport turned out to be jars of oils and spices that belonged to a family, who had been traveling home.