He’s one of the most dominant voices in the Grime (a Hip Hop derivative) scene in the UK and now Stormzy is helping make Grime an international phenomenon.

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The British MC, who made the UK charts with his freestyle “Shut Up,” is currently touring North America. After killing his set at SXSW last week, Stormzy flew to Toronto and then to New York to perform some of his best freestyles and well known songs, including “Know Me From” and “WickedSkengMan 4.”

In a recent review by the New York Times, Stromzy is described as a “tough-talking rapper, warmhearted accommodationist.” The south London rapper, who has been co-signed by some of the most pivotal Grime pioneers including Skepta, Wiley and JME, has remained consistent throughout his growing career. Yet the emcee was still unsure about how an audience away from home was going to receive him. He admits he was initially very skeptical about New York and uncertain how they were going to respond to “England’s homegrown Hip Hop offshoot” that mixes a “combination of lyrical aggression and personal modesty.”


He didn’t have to worry. A commanding, energetic performer, Stormzy sold out New York [Sunday, March 20] as well as Los Angeles [Wednesday, March 23] and made sure everyone in the building became part of the energy crew. As fans took to social media to thank him for his effortlessly imperious performance, it became clear Grime’s success internationally can be embraced and respected.

Taking to Twitter to share with his followers that Nas came to his LA show and “sipped yak,” with him, Stormzy is definitely enjoying every moment of his blossoming career. He ends his North American tour in San Francisco today [Thursday, March 24] so you better get #Merky!