With summer will come the wave of cookouts, BBQs, pool parties and more, and you’ll have no choice but to get your speaker game right, or you run the risk of getting shown up on the block. We’ve got a way to make sure that doesn’t happen, thanks to Monster’s nifty, powerful new system.

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The Superstar Monster Blaster Boombox, which will retail at $350 when it officially drops this Spring, and it’s just the portable device you’ll need for your indoor and outdoor speaker needs. We have one here in the office, and whether we’re headed to Bryant Park for an informal meeting or listening to a new album for the first time, the Monster Blaster gets the job done on all fronts. It comes with a USB port for the charging of your phone or iPad, connects seamlessly via Bluetooth, switches easily between “indoor” and “outdoor” modes, and if you’re looking to quickly do away with a foe with a few bars, feel free to plug in your microphone into the side of the speaker for an impromptu rap battle.

Check out some hi-def images below, and make sure you don’t get shown up this summer.