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NBA Hall Of Famer Bill Walton has had quite a spectacular life and he’s ready to delve into his journey thus far. In his new autobiography, Back From The Dead, Walton details the ups and downs in his career, from being the first pick in the 1974 NBA Draft (leading the Blazers to their only NBA Championship) to having 37 orthopedic surgeries. Even after suffering a catastrophic spinal collapse in 2008, Walton is still here enjoying every minute of life.

Get a glimpse of what inspired Walton to write his autobiography, find out his love for rock acts like The Grateful Dead and more below.

What made you come up with the title of your new book?


This is a book about my life and I’m also a fan of The Grateful Dead. I’ve been a Deadhead my whole life. I’ve been a Deadhead since I was 15. I’ve been a Deadhead for 49 years! I’m back from the dead but now I’m back to life [laughs].

What was the inspiration behind Back From The Dead?

The inspiration has been my life. I’ve had a blessed life, I’m just getting started , but the stories of my life are about success and failure, hope and despair and life and death. I’ve been able to weave all the different moments in my life together and I’m just the luckiest guy in the world.

What are you looking forward to the readers learning from this book?

I’m an avid reader books have changed my life my mom is a librarian that was our lives growing up and the books that I read growing up completely changed my life and so i’m hopeful that one person will be helped from this because I know how many people and their books helped me so, here I am.

Who are you rooting for to win the Final Four?

Oregon is gonna win it all.

Your top three current players playing today?

Well, I’m a Warriors fan. I love the Warriors. I love Stephen Curry and I love Klay Thompson. I love Draymond Green.

What’s your favorite social media account?

I love social media, it’s fantastic because everybody is able to stay connected and be a part of the group and you can create your own world. Social media technology has allowed us to express our individuality and be part of the team.

What does Kobe Bryant’s legacy mean to the game of basketball?

Kobe’s fantastic. Don’t ever think of this as the end for Kobe; this is a new beginning. He will have a different life and have an impact for so many years to come, he’s just getting started. He is fabulous.

Who are you giving the ball to in the clutch, LeBron or Curry?

I’m giving it to Steph Curry. Steph Curry’s the best player in the world, he’s the champion, he’s the MVP and they’re going for records right now. I love Steph Curry.

You can purchase Walton’s new book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.