Fans and social media are currently buzzing about the possibility of a new Beyoncé album.

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According to a Beyhive member with Inspector Gadget skills,Beyoncé’s iTunes page was down today [Thursday, March 24] and 13 unlisted video slots had appeared on her VEVO music video page.


Given her recent trend of dropping new music without notice and the fact her 2013 Beyoncé album was released online and totally in video form, fans are more excited than ever at the prospect of new music. While many still speculating she’s going to drop her sixth studio album on April 4, Beyoncé herself hasn’t said a word. Her website right now shows B, Solange and Blue Ivy celebrating Easter.

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What else do we know about possible new material coming soon? During Superbowl weekend, B dropped her hit single and video “Formation” along with announcing her world tour of the same name, and many are suggesting the song title will be the name of her new album.

With her “Formation” world tour kicking off April 27 in Miami, fans won’t have to wait long to see if in fact the Queen Bey will strike again with a whole new set of music.