Street artists have turned to Sprayground for their “Graffiti Utility Backpack” since the first silhouette debuted in 2010.

The brand’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, David Ben David, created the GUB with both functionality and fashion in mind. It fits eight 400ml cans and features eight quick slip compartments, marker and nozzle storage, a laptop compartment, sketchbook pocket, side zipper pockets, ergonomic mesh back padding, adjustable straps for custom sizing, nylon zippers with metal hardware, custom hardware and durable 900D water-resistant fabric.

Street art enthusiasts and local authorities have been at odds since underground graffiti was born in Philadelphia since the late 1960s. The Graffiti Utility Backpack has stoked controversy since it was made available, with critics voicing concern it “sends the wrong message” and “encourages vandalism.” Not one to shy away from controversy, we caught up with David Ben David to celebrate today’s release of the product’s third iteration.


What makes this latest version of the GUB the best yet?
This is our fourth version of the Graffiti Utility Backpack and it has evolved quite a bit. This bag has been strategically designed to hold eight cans in a hovering position that makes it easy to pull the cans out and in for quick release (built for midnight episodes).

What kind of support have you seen from the street art community with the GUB series?
We work with many of the top artists seen in the Miami Design District and Art Basel. They have helped with the functionality of the bag and their feedback has helped curate the development of this backpack.

What’s the concept behind the promotional video?
At Sprayground we go against the grain and are never afraid to show our true colors. The video depicts some young, fun kids running around the city with our iconic shark mouth stencil and glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

Law enforcement agencies criticized the bag’s release in the past, saying the product sends the wrong message. Obviously this didn’t deter Sprayground from continuing the series?
Version two and three have been banned in four states because they say the backpack promotes vandalism. I say it promotes creativity and gives an outlet to the artist to express her/himself creatively.

GUB Hover

What is it about graffiti artists in general that inspires you?
Fearlessness and the ability to use such a large canvas to showcase their artwork anywhere from over a highway or on the side of a building.

Sprayground is very well known for its rebellious spirit. Why is it important to experiment with fearlessness and exploration through your work for the brand’s young audience?
Everyone needs an outlet to express themselves and feel unique. Sprayground is in its own right a version of Fight Club. When someone wears a Sprayground bag, they feel confident, expressive, fearless and now part of this unique underground experience only the youth can understand. Sprayground has pushed the limits to break through the clutter and the only way to do that is through fearlessness. If there’s one thing I would want to explain to the youth, is that if you want to make a change or push the human race forward, you have to take your idea and push it forward with a fearless attitude. To be a disruptor, you have to be a rebel!

Recently Spraygound expanded product offerings from backpacks and bags to wallets, jackets, ski masks and more. What’s on the horizon for the brand?
Jetpacks with Boeing aircraft. Wait for it.