The New York Daily News has been able to get a hold of surveillance footage from a Bronx apartment building where an NYPD officer fatally shot a woman’s pet dog in a stairwell. The officer was responding to a domestic disturbance at another apartment when Yvonne Rosado opened her door to see what all the commotion was. Her 4-year-old pitbull Spike barked when he heard the officer and went outside the door. The officer, with his gun already drawn, fatally shot Spike and went down the stairs.

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A distraught Rosado went after the officer and swing at him when he and his partners wrestled to the ground. Reporters were told that at the time of the incident, Rosado and Spike were dancing to Kid Cudi when she heard the ruckus outside of her door. The New York Daily was told by the NYPD that they are reviewing the shooting, while Rosado stated that she will be filing a grievance with NYC’s Civilian Review Board for the incident which took place last month.

Rosado’s attorney David Thompson questioned the NYPD’s tactics citing former officer Peter Liang, who fatally shot an unarmed man in a Brooklyn stairwell in 2014.


Did the NYPD learn nothing from Peter Liang? Don’t fire your damn gun in an apartment house stairwell unless you absolutely, positively, 100% got to do it.

Watch the video below.

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