When Grand Theft Auto V dropped back in 2013 it broke records with it’s first week sales, raking in over $1 billion. So it comes as no surprise Rockstar Games is planning the next installment in the franchise.

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According to TechRadar Rockstar has been playing with the idea of taking the GTA franchise outside of the United States, specifically setting a game in Tokyo. In fact, in 2003 Rockstar trademarked “Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo” as well as “Grand Theft Auto: Bogota”. They even took a trip to Japan to scope out Tokyo, as a prospective locale between the release of GTA 3 and Vice City.

While no location has been selected as of yet, TechRadar’s source did reveal that production Grand Theft Auto VI is underway and will run on a new engine. This makes sense since GTA V was first released on last-generation consoles, and was only upgraded with new features for current-generation platforms. This will make GTA6 the first game in the franchise to be rooted entirely in this generation of consoles, and with Rockstar’s ever evolving level of quality, this is definitely good news.