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The season finale for the sixth season of The Walking Dead is set to air next Sunday, April 7, and tonight’s penultimate episode will set the stage for the introduction of Negan. For those unfamiliar, Negan is the tyrannic leader of The Saviors, who’s known for his ruthless nature and killing Glenn in the comic book. While chances are Glenn may be safe, as the show has been taking some some creative detours from the comic, it seems someone will meet their fate by the hands (or by the bat) of Negan.

Vanity Fair recently revealed some leaked information about the upcoming finale, and it’s all bad.


Fans have been guessing that it might be Abraham (spared from his comic-book fate in last week’s episode), Daryl (Norman Reedus has been taking on other projects) or even a pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan got a haircut) on the chopping block in Glenn’s place. Leaked finale info does indicate that Negan considers killing Maggie—who is mid-labor during the finale—just to shut her up. But according to the leak, after Negan plays a game of “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” with some of our favorite characters, the camera shifts to the victim’s point of view. In other words, we’ll see Negan swing the bat towards the camera and then, after the episode cuts to black, we will spend seven months arguing over which character—Abraham, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, etc.—was on the receiving end.

Say it ain’t so! Have we not suffered enough with “GlennGate” at the beginning of the season?

Another disquieting fact is the title of the last episode is “Last Day on Earth”.

Show-runner Scott Gimple weighed in:

Let me put it this way: Whatever it is, it’s really just all in service to being faithful to the comic book inasmuch as one can. That’s always going to be relatively subjective as to what that means. But taking inspiration from the moments of the comic book and playing them out to the ends of what it can be, it’s all just like taking that moment from the book and figuring out a way to turn it up to get those feelings that it gave you and those emotions that it gave you that much more.

The season finale of The Walking Dead airs April 3 on AMC.




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